The Greatest Invitation in the World

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

It would have appeared some time this past week, or possible it will the next, but no longer than two score ago, and hopefully, no less ahead. Ahem ahem

A most peculiar proposition, a– hrmm, peculiar.. no, that’s not right…

A summons of such spasmodic suggestion, an–err… enticement of erratic endoplasmic reticulum, uhm, uhhh…

Oh! Yes, that was it–
An Invitation to a most Irregular Etsy-blishment.

A simple prompt like any other,
but you would know it when you saw it by the sheer desperation of a small fish in a very big parking lot.

Picture this:  My Pinterist
and that’s it.

BEHOLD! The Greatest Invitation in the World
via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World