LaRocca Lush

via Daily Prompt: Lush

her lips blushed
a LaRocca Lush
plump, juicy, and sweet
her smile dimpled
pig-nosed wrinkled
eyes twinkled
with pure delight
shied behind
a stray lock of hair
teeth pressed in
a nervous bite

her soul shined
in radiant gold
a Dionysus devotee
grape stomp beauty
draped in ecstasy
and purple toed
her windswept tassels
billowed like a horses mane
braided in grapevines
zinfandel red
cascading the curves
of her divine frame


The Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel was picked in November 24, 2005, allowing the grapes to hang longer on the vine. The grapes were picked at 34.5 brix at our Sutter Buttes Vineyard. Capturing the desirable effects of the Botrytis cinerea, the “noble” rot, this wine is rich, ripe and elegant with an enormous presence of raisin and luscious flavors of chocolate and berries which makes for a delightfully sweet finish. With hints of spice and pepper the wine is not overly powerful and is referred to as an aphrodisiac that only gets better with age. This wine pairs deliciously with a rich chocolate truffle or any desserts.

LaRocca Vineyards
P.O. Box 541
12360 Doe Mill Rd
Forest Ranch, CA 95942


LaRocca Vineyards Organic Wine Tasting Room
222 W. 2nd Street
Downtown Chico, California
Open Weds – Fridays 1:30-8pm
Saturdays 12 noon – 8pm
Sundays 1:30-6pm


Monday Munchies! – 1/23/2017

Life is Yum this week with the Monday Munchies
all organic edition

A versatile main course or good for some yummin’ on the side,
this simple pasta dish is a recipe for good clean eating that won’t break the bank


This isn’t so much of a recipe as it is a guided suggestion–
I concocted this dish as something to tie together a roasted chicken dinner, using mostly staple ingredients, topped with a crumbling of feta cheese and Mediterranean herbs.

There isn’t a single ingredient in this dish that cannot be substituted or simply left out, season to taste, switch it up to keep it interesting.

Following up on Life is Yum, we will explore different variations with similar ingredients. This tortellini dish is hott and steamy, but for those of you who like it cold, we’ll be tossing together a corkscrew pasta salad.


Tortellini Noodles
pictured here we used pesto filled, cheese filled is more common and also makes for a delish dish, or while it is in season, butternut squash tortellini would fit the flavor profile perfectly

Bring a pot of water to a hard boil then add the tortellini.
Do NOT undercook– you want the inside to be soft, it will take longer than most noodles, bite into one to test it

While the noodles cook, prepare the produce for your sauce.
I used my Oster 1200 Food Processor,
but finely chopping works too.


Bell Peppers
Onions or Shallots

I prefer the sweeter variety of bell peppers
they come in orange, yellow, or red
Green bell peppers could also work, especially with the pesto filled tortellini, but for green peppers I would suggest adding spinach, heavy on the garlic, hold the squash.
For those of you who like a hint of food
with that burning sensation in your mouth,
you could spice it up with jalapeno or other hot peppers.

Finely Chop with sharp knives or a food processor
To serve raw, reduce cooking time, or for a smoother texture– blend until creamy


When your tortellini is fully cooked,
drain the water, return noodles to pot
Toss your chopped produce with noodles, or pour in blended sauce

Sour Cream
Chicken roast drippings

We were roasting a chicken at the time,
so I used the drippings for this side-dish
I only used a couple large dollops of sour cream
To serve as a main course, substitute chicken bouillon, or chicken broth and butter/oil.
Can also thin sauce with milk or water if necessary, I used a dash of milk, or using more sour cream works just as well
Cheese would be an excellent addition, but isn’t it always?


Cook on LOW until desired consistency
I processed my produce into a fine chop, started with a slightly thin sauce, and cooked it down into a thick, creamy, and very flavorful side-dish that took a bit longer than I had originally intended.

To reduce the cooking time, you can mix all your sauce ingredients, and blend until creamy.
Pour into pot with noodles, heat until warm.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

What I made here served a party of 4 adults with some leftovers

Follow up with Zu-Zu Lee on Life is Yum, check back weekly for more Monday Munchies, or Follow Me for new content on The Daily Star!