The Greatest Invitation in the World

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

It would have appeared some time this past week, or possible it will the next, but no longer than two score ago, and hopefully, no less ahead. Ahem ahem

A most peculiar proposition, a– hrmm, peculiar.. no, that’s not right…

A summons of such spasmodic suggestion, an–err… enticement of erratic endoplasmic reticulum, uhm, uhhh…

Oh! Yes, that was it–
An Invitation to a most Irregular Etsy-blishment.

A simple prompt like any other,
but you would know it when you saw it by the sheer desperation of a small fish in a very big parking lot.

Picture this:  My Pinterist
and that’s it.

BEHOLD! The Greatest Invitation in the World
via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

Calling ALL artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs! bakers, makers, booty shakers! crafters, creators, curators! writers, wrappers, this-and-thaters!

The Saturday Star wants YOU for our weekly feature shining a bit of Star-Light on independent thinkers and their creations.

If you would like to be featured in the Saturday Star
contact Zu-Zu Lee by email:
♣ provide an image, passage, or summary of the work you would like featured here
♥ describe your concept, process, materials and/or business model
♠ include any links to complete or continued works, digital portfolios, websites, fundraisers, and stores

Star-Light, star bright, the first stars I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Shine on them a bit of light~

isla_500x500-24073751_dobr375fHand-crafted one of a kind creations, with extra kindness, by your very own Zu-Zu, and her family of Irregular Artbeats.

Shameless self-promotion leaves no lines uncrossed, but with a silver-sclusive of my very own coming your way soon on Zuzu.Lee

Turn on you love lights, and shine a little on:

Acrylic on framed Canvas paintings by WildEr

Raw crystal and natural stone jewelry, handcrafted with glass beads on nylon thread, by our #1 Fan: Momma Artbeat

Raw crystals from the dirt-y hands of Digger Dave, or as we call him “Hey, Hippie!”
…also known as Dad. Cleansed “with a toothbrush” and charged under the star-light of the milky way here in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in the Free State of Jefferson.

Art runs thicker than blood, and in this family, we share both.


Did somebody say “blood” ? — painting by WildEr

You- that’s right, YOU could be the next Saturday Star! See above for details.