Articulators Anonymous

The great heroes of human history, names and deeds forever glorified for acts of unspeakable goodness. We teach about these people, read about them, view them in high-definition plasma-color… we imagine them as larger than life embodiments of ideals altogether unrecognizable in ourselves.

These epic tales of whimsical champions, viscous villains, and brightly colored spandex jumpsuits… inspire a sense of heroism in us, a desire to help others, a call to arms in the battle for the “greater good”

But many of the worst horrors of human history, they-who-shall-not-be-named and dastardly deeds infamized by acts of unspeakable terror… were also perpetuated by people who truly felt in their hearts that they were helping people, that all their efforts were for the “greater good”

Hitler will forever go down in our texts books as a villain, and there are few who would contest that. But Hitler believed himself to be a hero, and persuaded many others to believe that as well. He had a vision of what he believed to be a better world, and he wanted to make that vision a reality.

His logic, was deeply, deeply flawed.
But he didn’t need logos to rally the following that he did.
He just needed pathos.

Logos without Pathos, doth a jackass make. This reporter will be the first to admit that she is partial toward such jackassery, especially in this dank age of meme.

But Pathos, without Logos, is deadly, and highly infectious.

Finding a balance between the two… without just falling back on Ethos like a Donald Trump “believe me” compilation… is tough, but I do believe we have all made some headway here.

Please discuss.

On that note, I leave you with the musing that I reflect on here tonight, in both the peeve that grinds my righteous gears of indignation, and in self-reflection of such advice I may have yet to take in full heed:

to discuss is to seek understanding, not to be understood.

Local Heroes: Youth4Change and the Kelly LaRocca Foundation

From one truly remarkable foundation to another, these folk right here are the beacons that guide our community to greatness.

In memory of the beautiful life of Kelly LaRocca, this local family has turned a heart-wrenching tragedy into a helping hand. Through this domestic non-profit, Kelly LaRocca has become a local hero, reaching out to mother’s struggling with substance abuse.

kelly larocca

Kelly LaRocca “Our Fun Loving Spirit” May 12, 1974 – Jan 5, 2012

With the foundation’s annual softball tournaments and fundraisers headlined by the family band, local music stars Dylan’s Dharma, Kelly LaRocca is a beloved name in our community forever memorialized in charitable acts like we see here today.

And the lovin’ keeps on comin’ as this generous donation, and ridiculously large check, passes into the care of Youth4Change, a non-profit public benefit organization providing support, education, and rehabilitation services for California youths.

6th st.jpg
At their 6th Street center in the heart of Chico, Youth4Change opens their doors from 10:30am to 6:30pm Monday-Friday to youths aged 14 to 24, providing daily meals, weekly food bags, clothing and personal hygiene products, counseling, and comprehensive services for continuing education, seeking employment, housing placement, and crisis intervention.

Dropping-In at Youth4Change, I am reminded of the every day heroes that walk our streets. Here’s one’s for the front page folks, this Daily Star reporter has found her supers, not all of whom wear capes:


Zu-Zu Lee wishing for world peace and nice crispy bacon with Santa Claus and the Holiday Hammer-Head at the 6th St center Youth4Change annual winter bash





The Daily Star


Get me pictures of the supers! No, Lee, I want pictures… sufferin’ succotash, what’s a lowly reporter to do? Twelve-thousand words on the average airspeed velocity of unladen African swallows as compared to that of unladen European swallows, but the Daily Star only has eyes for one thing– what is this, the CW? This week on “Dating… with Super Heroes:” people die, civilizations perish, the world as we know it— hold up, what about that thing that we have? You know, that thing?

I don’t know that thing. What thing? All I know, is they better clean it up before mom and dad get home. So unless I was about to cut up some old shower curtains and stitch together a remarkably regenerative spandex jumpsuit, I had better think of something quick. Up next: The Real Reels of Chico! Maybe I should get a reel job.

Turns out, the Daily Star didn’t think that pun was clever, and no, dijon mayonnaise is not a super hero… shucks deluxe, where does one find a hero in this day and age? What does it mean to be super in 2017?  Down on my luck, I kicked a stray can. It kicked me back, threw my shoes over the telephone wire, and insulted my mother. That “S” used to mean something, now it’s just a shape for children’s spaghetti dinner, a label on a can accidentally taken off the shelf before the expiration date.