Midnight – 1/1/2017

Zu-Zu Lee on the front lines, hard at work on the case of the Shoestring Surger, going that extra mile, literally and literarily.

The case is in the can– this reporter narrowly escaped an incident with one rather rude, shoe-thieving no-good washed-up can masquerading as a super hero [Daily Star], and yet another apocalypse [Dark Star].

As my prized rainbow peace sign high-top converses wrapped round the wire, the clock struck midnight, the ball dropped… the power surged—but WAIT! What about that thinggg, that thing, that we have, that’s like bae, bee. Bae? BEE, OoOoH!?!

Thinking outside the box, I approached a lesser known associate from our perp’s days in the can, a mean-mugging caramel-crunch, the meanest box o’ crunch I ever did see, sporting the same knock-off hero getup.

This reporter suspects that we may have a cereal killer afoot. Scattered incidences confirmed on strategic lines throughout town, there is no line these perps will not cross!

Further investigation needed into the shoe-bearing capacity of power lines in the City of Chico to determine if incidents may be directly related or if super elements may be in play.

While not the Giant Meteor that we all had hoped for, this brief apocalypse was just the hero I needed to get away on foot, literally. Quite a feat, literarily.

Dark Star

Listening to: Grateful Dead live at Winterland – New Years 1979

Dark star crashes pouring its light into ashes– the grid is down, explosions in the night, sounds the prophet on the street corner “the end is nigh!” It is in these darkest hours that our stars shine the brightest. When all light has gone out, when all hope, and all broadband connectivity, is lost. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a sensation that is difficult to explain, but we know in our hearts as the coming of an apocalypse 17 years too late.

We survived Y2K. Our days outnumber that of the Mayan calendar. The great Rapture? More like shitty rap-tour. Pigs fly first class, the Cubs won the World Series, it’s the end of the world as we know it… and it’s about damn time. Magic 8-ball says: outlook not so good. By today’s standards, that’s cause for an ice cold Celebration by Sierra Nevada. What do you get the generation that has it all?


rock-to-wind-string-around      Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around, or perhaps, a prosthetic forehead to wear on their real head?

isla_500x500-24073751_dobr375f      One of a kind original artwork by Irregular ARTbeats

dislike     If you did not enjoy my list, this one’s for you.

From a hero of mine to a hero of his, signing off on the New Year– here’s to the breezes that blow through the treeses, that lift the girls skirts above their kneeses, it teases, it pleases, here’s to that snatch—down the hatch!