LaRocca Lush

via Daily Prompt: Lush

her lips blushed
a LaRocca Lush
plump, juicy, and sweet
her smile dimpled
pig-nosed wrinkled
eyes twinkled
with pure delight
shied behind
a stray lock of hair
teeth pressed in
a nervous bite

her soul shined
in radiant gold
a Dionysus devotee
grape stomp beauty
draped in ecstasy
and purple toed
her windswept tassels
billowed like a horses mane
braided in grapevines
zinfandel red
cascading the curves
of her divine frame


The Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel was picked in November 24, 2005, allowing the grapes to hang longer on the vine. The grapes were picked at 34.5 brix at our Sutter Buttes Vineyard. Capturing the desirable effects of the Botrytis cinerea, the “noble” rot, this wine is rich, ripe and elegant with an enormous presence of raisin and luscious flavors of chocolate and berries which makes for a delightfully sweet finish. With hints of spice and pepper the wine is not overly powerful and is referred to as an aphrodisiac that only gets better with age. This wine pairs deliciously with a rich chocolate truffle or any desserts.

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The Greatest Invitation in the World

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

It would have appeared some time this past week, or possible it will the next, but no longer than two score ago, and hopefully, no less ahead. Ahem ahem

A most peculiar proposition, a– hrmm, peculiar.. no, that’s not right…

A summons of such spasmodic suggestion, an–err… enticement of erratic endoplasmic reticulum, uhm, uhhh…

Oh! Yes, that was it–
An Invitation to a most Irregular Etsy-blishment.

A simple prompt like any other,
but you would know it when you saw it by the sheer desperation of a small fish in a very big parking lot.

Picture this:  My Pinterist
and that’s it.

BEHOLD! The Greatest Invitation in the World
via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World