LaRocca Lush

via Daily Prompt: Lush

her lips blushed
a LaRocca Lush
plump, juicy, and sweet
her smile dimpled
pig-nosed wrinkled
eyes twinkled
with pure delight
shied behind
a stray lock of hair
teeth pressed in
a nervous bite

her soul shined
in radiant gold
a Dionysus devotee
grape stomp beauty
draped in ecstasy
and purple toed
her windswept tassels
billowed like a horses mane
braided in grapevines
zinfandel red
cascading the curves
of her divine frame


The Late Harvest Lush Zinfandel was picked in November 24, 2005, allowing the grapes to hang longer on the vine. The grapes were picked at 34.5 brix at our Sutter Buttes Vineyard. Capturing the desirable effects of the Botrytis cinerea, the “noble” rot, this wine is rich, ripe and elegant with an enormous presence of raisin and luscious flavors of chocolate and berries which makes for a delightfully sweet finish. With hints of spice and pepper the wine is not overly powerful and is referred to as an aphrodisiac that only gets better with age. This wine pairs deliciously with a rich chocolate truffle or any desserts.

LaRocca Vineyards
P.O. Box 541
12360 Doe Mill Rd
Forest Ranch, CA 95942


LaRocca Vineyards Organic Wine Tasting Room
222 W. 2nd Street
Downtown Chico, California
Open Weds – Fridays 1:30-8pm
Saturdays 12 noon – 8pm
Sundays 1:30-6pm


From one truly remarkable foundation to another, these folk right here are the beacons that guide our community to greatness.


In memory of the beautiful life of Kelly LaRocca, this local family has turned a heart-wrenching tragedy into a helping hand. Through this domestic non-profit, Kelly LaRocca has become a local hero, reaching out to mother’s struggling with substance abuse.


Kelly LaRocca “Our Fun Loving Spirit” May 12, 1974 – Jan 5, 2012

With the foundation’s annual softball tournaments and fundraisers headlined by local music stars Dylan’s Dharma, Kelly LaRocca is a beloved name in our community, forever memorialized in charitable acts like we see here today.

And the lovin’ keeps on comin’ as this generous donation, and ridiculously large check, passes into the care of Youth4Change, a non-profit public benefit organization providing support, education, and rehabilitation services for California youths.

6th st.jpg
At their 6th Street center in the heart of Chico, Youth4Change opens their doors from 10:30am to 6:30pm Monday-Friday to youths aged 14 to 24, providing daily meals, weekly food bags, clothing and personal hygiene products, counseling, and comprehensive services for continuing education, seeking employment, housing placement, and crisis intervention.

Dropping-In at Youth4Change, this reporter is reminded of the every day heroes that walk our streets. This one’s for the front page folks, this Daily Star reporter has found her supers, not all of whom wear capes:


Zu-Zu Lee wishing for world peace and nice crispy bacon with Santa Claus and the Holiday Hammer-Head at the 6th St center Youth4Change annual winter bash


Midnight – 1/1/2017

Zu-Zu Lee on the front lines, hard at work on the case of the Shoestring Surger, going that extra mile, literally and literarily.

The case is in the can– this reporter narrowly escaped an incident with one rather rude, shoe-thieving no-good washed-up can masquerading as a super hero [Daily Star], and yet another apocalypse [Dark Star].

As my prized rainbow peace sign high-top converses wrapped round the wire, the clock struck midnight, the ball dropped… the power surged—but WAIT! What about that thinggg, that thing, that we have, that’s like bae, bee. Bae? BEE, OoOoH!?!

Thinking outside the box, I approached a lesser known associate from our perp’s days in the can, a mean-mugging caramel-crunch, the meanest box o’ crunch I ever did see, sporting the same knock-off hero getup.

This reporter suspects that we may have a cereal killer afoot. Scattered incidences confirmed on strategic lines throughout town, there is no line these perps will not cross!

Further investigation needed into the shoe-bearing capacity of power lines in the City of Chico to determine if incidents may be directly related or if super elements may be in play.

While not the Giant Meteor that we all had hoped for, this brief apocalypse was just the hero I needed to get away on foot, literally. Quite a feat, literarily.