Life is Yum

Just when you were thinking “how hip can this chick get?”
Lo, and behold– a food blog!

That’s right folks, a whole page dedicated to the essential yums that sustain our lives and well-beings.

I just couldn’t let the overwhelming hipness of wheatgrass smoothies, pizza waffles, and organic whole food puppy chow go un-blogged… and that’s just a taste of one week on Life is Yum!


Choco-Coco PB-B Stuffed Waffles, standing in for the elusive pizza waffle. Too hott to handle (literally, for the handle of my new waffle iron…) Smothered in marinera, oozing with mozerella, and peppered with ronis… those majestic creatures grace our world for but an instant before embarking on their journey to the great stomach pit of mine. Seen here, their sweet sister for a breakfast dish-er!

Embark with me on a tasteful journey–

Opening credits play in dramatic and like totally random fashion:

Zu-Zu Lee | | me

You would expect to see a montage of food in the background…
But here, we insert an obligatory Myastenia Gravis awareness ribbon, and an ultra close-up of a grossly uncomfortable open-mouth chomping away:

myastenia-gravis-awareness-ribbonI cannot chew
with my mouth closed

But I am eternally grateful
for the ability to swallow

Take that as dirty
as you would like (;
at least I have the
muscle strength to smile

Food is Medicine. Food is Life. Life is Yum.

[insert grossly uncomfortable chewing mouth video. if subbing for still photographs in post production, edit lead-in above ribbon. maybe add some drool or slow-mo, something like that? cool, editors are the best.]

Editor | | Zu-Zu Lee

[…*tuba music* cut to: more wheatgrass smoothie]

And now, a word for our sponsors!

Thanks Mommy, you da best for the Life (nbd, right?) the Navita Naturals subscription, the Oster 1200 blender/processor/beast, the Nikon D3300, and like everything… lalu
to The Pudge, for the waffle iron if I send a pb&j waffle, could ya send some sunny weather?
to Santa, or possibly a Sova– for the cake pans, pie pans, rolling pin, Cuisinart Pure Indulgence frozen treat maker, and all the rest!
to my brother WildEr– for eternal patience while I go organic, eat weird healthy things, photograph our food, and get increasingly hip in a so far unsuccessful attempt to sell our art

To the Chico Certified Farmer’s Markets (CCFM)–

ccfmSaturdays | | 7:30am – 1pm
Downtown Chico Municipal Parking Lot
2nd St. & Wall St.
Wednesdays | | 7:30am – 1pm
North Valley Plaza Mall Parking Lot
Pillsbury Road by Trader Joe’s

…and NOW that food montage, courtesy of CCFM:

To New Earth Market
864 East Avenue, Chico, CA 95926
Monday to Saturday | | 7am-9pm
Sunday | | 8am–8pm

new-earth-market     the-place-to-be-naturally

To Trader Joe’s

North Valley Mall
801 East Ave #110
Chico, CA 95926
Open Daily | | 8am-10pm




To Chico Natural Foods Co-Op–

Downtown Chico
818 Main Street
Chico, CA 95928

Open Daily | | 7:30am-10pm
About | | Join Co-Op | | Blog



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