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Essential Nutrients and Where to Find Them

  • Amino Acids (5/18/2017) - Proteins are responsible for most bodily structures and functions. Amino acids are responsible for constructing and regulating proteins. Every protein in the human body is encoded by 21 core amino acids, but nine of those nutrients can never be synthesized in the body, and six more can only be synthesized under certain conditions. To maintain […]
  • Proteins (5/18/2017) - The phrase “you are what you eat” coined by nutritionist Victor Lindlahr in the 1920s has etymological roots dating as early as the 1800s in French and German sources. This idiom has endured through the 1960s hippie movement and into modern catch-phrasing, serving as an accurate illustration of the effects of dietary nutrition on our […]
  • Fatty Acids (5/18/2017) - In body composition, the average human is equal parts proteins and lipids. Fats, if you excuse my language, are the most common type of lipid. Fatty acids are built from chains of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These fatty acids bond to the molecule glycerol to form fats and oils. The body metabolizes sugars for use […]
  • Dietary Fiber (5/18/2017) - Dietary fibers are indigestible components in plant-based foods, commonly referred to as roughage. These carbohydrates, which maintain structure and shape in plants, can not be broken down by human digestion. Fiber regulates appetite by adding bulk to food without increasing caloric intake or contributing to glucose levels. Insoluble fibers regulate digestion and alleviate constipation by […]
  • Vitamins (5/18/2017) - Vitamins are organic chemical compounds that an organism requires to maintain bodily functions but cannot synthesize within the body. These 15 vitamins are noted as essential in human biology and must be consumed from dietary sources. Vitamin A Fat soluble, for optimal absorption pair with foods that have a moderate fat content. See: Fatty Acids […]
  • Dietary Minerals (5/18/2017) - Minerals are chemical elements that come from the earth. Plants absorb essential minerals through their roots, deficiency in the soil will stunt plant growth just like dietary deficiency will damage human health. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but while the hardest mineral known to man does provide some serious bling, it […]


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