Home Sweet Home

Zu-Zu (noun): something sweet covered in chocolate


I never could do just one thing.
I have deeply studied the art of doing nothing,
but one thing always leads to another.

Growing up a flower child in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I was the barefoot little girl with dreads in her hair swinging from the trees dancin’ to rhythm of the Earth.

They would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up
and I would tell them “happy”

They would ask what I wanted to do when I grew up
and I would tell them “everything”

One camp councilor suggested I would make a good lawyer
I told her, well, everything but that…

We moved to Maryland the day after my 11th birthday
Mom, my two big brothers, and me
My first cross country road-trip was in that Budget Rental truck
I had flown to visit family many times, often flying solo…
But that was my one stipulation in that move
I wanted to ride cross-country in the truck
I put my little foot down
the sparkly pink sneakers lit up, it was totally badass–
I got my road trip. what a long strange trip it has been…

I took a STEM pathway in Highschool, with my interest leaning towards robotics. Participated in FIRST robotics competitions with our team: 1980 The Brigade.
Our magnet school was heavily funded by the local army research lab, so they heavily influenced us towards army engineering…
Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly their cuppa tea,
and as for me, I didn’t drink tea.

Meanwhile, I found a home in theatre
and with my heart always yearning for my home back West
or that perfect fit I just never found…
Our director, was the best educator I ever had the pleasure of studying under, I can’t even begin to quantify everything that this woman taught me or the gratitude I have for her dedication to us.

She has EDS, world champion medals in martial arts, and a brilliant mind for psychology.
In addition to teaching Drama and Directing our Drama Club, she also taught Creative Writing, published our schools Literary Magazine, and ran our Slam Poetry club.
By the end of my freshman year, I was the highly dedicated student President of all those activities working both in the spotlight and behind the scenes putting it all together.

I also played on two sports teams- soccer and swimming.
I would often be going right from rehearsals to practice to go build a robot, all in one after-school day…
But what stuck with me the most, was script-writing.

I took on a part-time job when I turned 16, making pizza.
Paid for my first car with like 2 years salary
Minimum wage was $7.25 there at the time
she was a 2001 Cadillac DeVille DHS
her name was Layla


My senior capstone research project was on mapping neurological pathways in the c. elegans flatworm for use in development with Brain-Computer Interaction technology.

My big brother died that year, in a car crash
within a mile of our house.
The strangest thing– I actually ran into my theater director when I was at the airport meeting family coming in for the funeral.
She watched me self-destruct that year,
and did all that anybody could to help me.
But I didn’t want help, and I shut her out too for trying.

Also for that gorram after school special of a play we did that year–
We both knew those motivations did not fit for a kid on 1 toke of marijuana, clearly, the character was lying. But she expected me to play that character and deliver that speech like that was the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Told her I would be in my trailer, I would have to amend my rider, this is theatre, there are standards to uphold…

I owe her an apology, but I have to process myself first


I attended Drexel University
at the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts &Design
majoring in Film & Video, with my interest leaning toward screenwriting, editing, prop/set design, and pyrotechnics. I had developed a passion for playing with fire.

Ultimately, I wanted to direct.
I never could do just one thing.
I always wanted to do it all, I was just the right amalgam of personality types to pull it off, and I was racking up a rather diverse skill-set… if I could learn to network.
And at that point, I really needed to work on interpersonal development. I opted out of dorm living, and that really held me back in those areas. If you are reading this– how are my networking skills coming along?

I was diagnosed with Myastenia Gravis in 2014.
I was 20 years old.

Mystenia Gravis is a degenerative neuro-muscular autoimmune disorder that presents as intermittent paralysis of voluntary muscle functions. This is characterized by fatigue, and as I fatigue, my brain loses contact with my muscles. For me, it presented primarily in speech, and fine motor skills with my fingers.


But what really got me was the lack of energy.
My doctors at the time told me I was remarkably high functioning for this disorder…
But for me, that was 30 pounds of muscle mass gone, I was in theatre and could no longer pronounce “theatre” to explain this to my doctor. I was barely recognizable to myself.

They asked me to date the first recognizable symptoms…
With my natural overdrive and stubborn strength of will it could have been as far back as High School, when the headaches began… and never stopped. I began to self-destruct long before I had a good excuse to flip the switch, at least, one that I knew of at the time.

All my life, I was inexhaustible.

I was speeding down the golden road and hit a wall harder than Roger Waters on a wartime tour. And I would get much much worse before I saw a chance at better.

Art is my therapy– I think, therefore it is
Food is my medicine– Life is Yum
Knowledge is Power— Digital Photography coursework
One day at a time– The Daily Star

I am home.
I drove many miles
I walked many more
I am home.
Home sweet Home
As the rains return
And snow caps my mountains
And the creeks flood
And California blooms green again…
I am home.
And every day, I get a little bit better.
And every night, a little bit more.

Now here is the perfect place
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In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a very punny person.
Blame the Sova family.

We always called these grandparents “mom-mom” and “dad-dad”
Mom-Mom passed a few years prior to our move to the family home in Maryland, leaving Dad-Dad and my two Uncles in the house

Dad-Dad is a full blooded Pollock, his parents sailed to America on the Mayflower, settled in Essex, eloped, and had 7 children, including my grandfather.
My grandfather was a rocket scientist, when he retired he taught math at the community college.
My grandmother was an elementary school teacher, and a skilled seamstress. My mother learned from her, and in turn passed this on to me. We always had the best Halloween costumes.

Anyways, the Sova family communicates almost entirely in puns– the rest, is groans in response to the puns.

My mother got her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, hopped on the bus following the Grateful Dead, and had three children, including me.

Our store features a bit from me,
a bit from my middle brother WildEr,
and a bit from Momma Artbeat,
even some crystal contributions from Digger Dave
or as we call him “yo, hippie!” or “dad”

An Irregular assortment of Irregular art for the Irregular soul